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The Source of Personality
by Steven Funk
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Have you ever wondered why some people are outgoing and uninhibited, while others are quiet and reserved? Why the personalities of women and men are often different? Why some people express strong emotions and others don’t? Why some people are independent while others cling? In a book written for general audiences, Dr. Steven Funk explains how the brain creates the emotions, ways of relating to others, thoughts, and behaviors that we call personality. Although this book will appeal to counselors and scientists, it provides just enough background information to allow readers of all types to follow and enjoy. The Source of Personality illustrates how the brain and the personality types it creates affect people’s everyday lives. Steve’s Labrador retriever Brook was an inspiration in the writing of this book, and her amusing antics help to uncover the brain’s role in creating personality. The Source of Personality presents Neuropsychological Personality Theory - a theory that explains how regions of the brain and the pathways that connect them create personality. The book explains how the brain’s organization creates a hierarchy of personality characteristics or traits. Dr. Funk explains how master circuits – extensive nerve pathways that influence many brain areas - create traits like extraversion and its outgoing, assertive, and impulsive tendencies. He explains how hormones like oxytocin and testosterone affect the structure and workings of the brain, producing femininity and masculinity. He also explains how brain regions create characteristics like empathy and conscientiousness. The Source of Personality describes how the brain matures during childhood and adolescence, shedding light on the psychology of child development and problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It shows how parents and other caretakers can put this understanding to practical use. Neuropsychological Personality Theory explains not only how adult personality characteristics develop, but how problem patterns of feeling, thinking, and relating to others develop and why they are sometimes resistant to change. It explains how many mental illnesses like anxiety disorders, depression, and personality disorders are created. It reveals how commonly used techniques for treating mental illness work, and how the average person can apply these techniques to improve their everyday life. Neuropsychological Personality Theory accomplishes what over a century of theorizing could not: it goes a long way toward uniting the major theories of adult personality psychology - from psychoanalysis to behaviorism - under a common theoretical umbrella. It reveals hidden parallels between contrasting theories of childhood personality development and abnormal psychology. Neuropsychological Personality Theory illustrates how psychotherapy techniques created from conflicting schools of thought can be unified under a comprehensive therapeutic approach. The Source of Personality will provide you with insights into human behavior that few psychological theories can.



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